Reviews from customers

To Margaret!
Thank you for your service & hospitality. PS. I think you should receive the award for customer service of the year.

Tony Elias

Dear Alofa,
That was a great customer services. Very much appreciated. And keep up the good work! Wishing you all your desired success. AIM HIGHER! Love from Elizabeth. Xxx


Thanks for all your hard works & support in 2014 J Wish you all a lovely X’mas and Happy New Year!!!

Lucy & Stella

To Margaret,
Sorry about the “Surname”. I gave you. I needed for this “Thank you” and “Xmas good wishes” to get to you. I just wanted you to know how sincerely I appreciated you efficiency and that I appreciated very much your very business-like attitude to the area of customer relations and your boss(s). Should you ever have a desire to visit WA then I will be happy to show you the best place that of the South West of WA. Do not hesitate to phone me for any assistance. Thank you.

Vic Howes Bunbury WA

Dear Staff,
Thank you so much for your assistance, polite & courteous service, efficiency and understanding of my (unique?) circumstances. Enjoy!

Lesslie family (Happy customers)